Looking Back

40 Years 40 Artists



Show Dates: April 2- May 21, 2016



Duck Detail

Will Cotton




The Master CLass

Keith Gunderson



The Gift

Danielle Wexler


Rock Hill Morning Mist IV

Marlene Wiedenbaum


Black Cherry

Robert Trondsen





Shower Near Storm King

Kevin Cook





Sunset on the Water

Mireille Duchesne


Future Times Past

Vince Natale




Fall Oyster

Nadine Robbins




Summer in the Hudson Highlands

Jane Bloodgood Abrams



Under a Blue Moon

Carolyn H. Edlund



Steve's Ford

James Cramer



Adirondack Summer

Marilyn Fairman


Spring Greens

James Coe


Lemon Reflections on Lavender

Anna Contes



Gazebo November Day

Robin Guthridge




Favorite Fields, Soft Greens

Christie Scheele





Fall Carageway

Hardie Truesdale


Farm Stand View

Andrea McFarland







From a Hilltop

Eric Angeloch








Zena Cornfield

Doug McGuire




Staats Fasoldt






Path Above the Hudson

Scott Balfe