Thomas Kegler

Renowned artist, Thomas Kegler, is a self-taught painter, producer, and certified
teacher residing in Western New York. He is an Associate Living Master through
The Art Renewal Center, painting instructorfor the Grand Central Academy in New York City,
and Senior Fellow with the Hudson River Fellowship. Kegler’s traditional oil paintings
of landscapes, still life, and figures draw from the Masters approach to the canvas.
Revisiting the processes and techniques of the Old Masters in light of classical
and contemporary subjects guides his expression of life’s subtleties.
He is committed to the consistent growth and development of his skills and
to the promotion of art education with an emphasis on classical techniques.
Kegler regards the act of painting as an opportunityto recall moving
personal experiences and portrays these events as poetic statements believe landscape painting to be a vital and integral expression in the contemporary art scene.It is inspired by the past, yet defined by present environmental realities.



CrescCatskill Thunderstorm C



Subsiding Storm


Crescent Moon


Kaaterskilll Falls



Mountain Pine

The Notch


North Lake



BeaSlow Waters



D Evening Glow



Hemlock and Streambed



Mushroom Detail