Hardie Truesdale

I am most interested in capturing the natural environs in dramatic yet subtle circumstances; mist, rain, sleet, snow, or ice storms when the mood and quality of light is intensified. I use large and medium format cameras always on a tripod. Although these systems are time consuming and heavy to carry, the clarity and their ability to capture texture and detail makes using them a must for my work. They also force me to work slowly and patiently so that I really "see" what I am photographing.






Hudson River Views


Long Shadows



Fall Pinnacles


Awosting Falls

Sea Of Mist



Fall Trapps

Balanced Boulders

Skytop Mist



Rock Rift ple

Trapps From Copes



Waterfall In The Mist



Storm Over Bannerman's


Burning Mist


Lee Flat Dunes En


Devil's Kitchen

Colored Hill Patterns


Mark Gruber Gallery

New Paltz Plaza

NNew Paltz, New York