Keith Gunderson
Keith Gunderson has had the opportunity to study with many talented and original teachers, both in Chicago and in New York City. In Chicago he studied artistic anatomy with George Sotos at Tree Studios and learned the craft of Illustration while working at the Chicago Tribune .In New York City he studied at the National Academy of Art, The New York Academy, and the Art Students League of New York where he studied with Frank Mason, David Leffel, Harvey Dinnerstein, and Nelson Shanks. Working in Mason’s studio at the League, he learned the craft of drawing and the mechanics of painting, most notably about the phenomena of the light effect and shadow. Known primarily for his Landscapes and Still Life paintings, his body of work includes Portraits and Interiors. Working and living in the Hudson River Valley, he strives to translate the beauty of this area and the nearby Catskill region into his canvases. . Popular subject matter for his Landscapes also include lush Florida scenes, Cape Ann scenes, the Maine Coast, Vermont pastorals, and New York Cityscape views. He works in the vernacular of the Barbizon painters, emphasizing the light effect and mood. Mr. Gunderson currently teaches popular classes in plein-aire painting, still life painting, and has classes in drawing. He also conducts workshops and painting demonstrations throughout the Northeast. His aim is to instill the concepts of volume and light to his students, providing a way to expression beyond mere imitation.



Plum Point View


Wappinger's Creek Swimming Hole


Hudson Sunset

Woodland Creek

In The Orchard



Capturing The Mood

Hudson From Blythwood

Hudson Valley Landscape



Mohonk View



Persian Vase







\Hudson Regatta




Mark Gruber Gallery

New Paltz Plaza

NNew Paltz, New York