Eric Angeloch

I paint landscapes in a manner this is derivative, technically, of the serigraph printing process. That is, using numerous layers of thin oil paint in a flat application of color. I build up form and texture, layer by layer, letting each layer dry before proceeding to the next. The greatest difference is that while serigraph imagery is, by neccessity of the process, carefully planned, I am an intuitive painter and paint without any preconceived ideas. Consequently the pictures are reflective of my emotional state. That is one of two constants in my work. The other is experiment.

“The true method of knowledge is experiment.”
William Blake


Born in Woodstock, New York to a family of artists reaching back generations, Eric Angeloch studied at the Arts Students League of New York Summer School, The Art Students League in New York City on full scholarship and at the Woodstock School of Art where he has been an instructor for the past seventeen years. His work has been exhibited and collected internationally.



A Gentle Breeze


A High WInd


Dance of The Dryads

Late Afternoon July




On Any Other Day

Storm Clouds Over The Marsh



Storm on the Pasture Road



The Home Fires


Yesterdays Dreams




Mark Gruber Gallery

New Paltz Plaza

NNew Paltz, New York